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Sign up for free and create your profile by filling out the details in your dashboard – service you offer, your rates, social media accounts and fun photos of you and your pet!

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Our team will review your profile, and once it is approved, pet owners seeking for pet care will be able to view your profile and contact you through the website.

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Earn from €90 per week. Enjoy the convenience of automatic payments on our secure platform and decide on your own rates and services.

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We’re here to help you every step of the way with our friendly online support. Get exclusive access to learning materials and oppportunities.


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Safe and loving overnight stay 
at the pet sitter’s home 

Wagney Loving Dog


Sitter cares for the pet and home at the customer’s place

Wagney Giving Treats


Fun daytime care at the
pet sitter’s home

Wagney Dog Walk


Fun workout for the dog 
when owner’s busy



Set your own rates and conveniently accept bookings via our website’s booking system


We provide 7/7 admin support and marketing assistance so pet owners can easily find you


We promptly handle all customer payments to you through our processing system 


Kickstart your pet sitting business at almost no cost – save on website and advertisement costs

"I get to know so many personalities and breeds, they just make me really happy. There is nothing better than making money doing something that you love."

FAQs for Pet Care Providers


If you want to be a pet carer on Wagney, you have to be at least

-18 years of age,
-at least 2 years of experience in pet care
-and most importantly a passionate pet lover!

We encourage pet lovers who work from home or remote employees – photographers, web developers, virtual assistants and the likes to join us and have a fulfilling part-time job caring for pets!

Once you signup, our team will get in touch with you to evaluate your competence to care for a pet. Do take note that our team requests for identification card and certificate of police clearance. This is to ensure the safety of all pets. If we are convinced of your capability, your listing would be visible to pet owners when they search on Wagney.

Welcome, and we are so glad to have you in our pack! Signing up and creating your Wagney profile is easy and absolutely free. 

1. Register via this link

2. Fill up your details in your dashboard – your name, address, description of you & your pet experience, emergency contact and a profile photo. Don’t forget to click ‘SAVE’

Click ‘PROFILE’ then ‘VERIFICATION’. Upload your photo ID. Our team will be in touch with you to know more about you and your pet care experience. Safety is Wagney’s top priority so we want to ensure that members of our community are trustworthy and capable of caring for pets.

3. List your services by clicking the ‘Add A New Listing’ button. Your listings on Wagney will become available for pet owners to see and book. You can set your own rates for the services that you would like to offer. 

We have a service fee of 15% for each booking to cover for web development, network costs, marketing, online payments and customer and emergency support on your behalf. Our team is committed to constant platform development so all pets and pet lovers can have a convenient and safe experience within our community.

Eg., If you would like to receive €20, you need to charge €23.60 – taking into consideration the 15% service fee.

4. You’re now ready to accept and care for pets! You will receive enquiries and messages from pet owners via the website’s messaging system.

You would need 2 files for initial verification: 

     a. profile photo

     b. valid ID

Here’s how to upload your documents:

1. Log in to your account

2. Click your profile at the top right portion of your screen to access ‘Dashboard’


3. Click ‘Profile’ and upload your profile photo


4. Click ‘VERIFICATION’ and upload a valid ID


You will receive an email from our team within 48 hours for the approval. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance during the registration process.

Here’s our tips on how to create an eye catching profile for pet owners:

1. Your headline / service name will be shown in the search results when a pet owner browses for a suitable sitter or walker. Be creative with your service name and indicate your location so they know you’re just nearby.

2. Upload your best snapshot with your pet in the profile photo section! Upload more photos and show them how your place looks like, how many pets you have, your pets and you having fun, nearby parks or walking routes.

3. Provide a clear description about you and your pet care service. Tell them about your experience and why they should book you.

Goodluck and enjoy furry cuddles! You may read about How To Create A Wagney Profile in detail in our blog.

After creating your profile,

1. Click your profile’s ‘Dashboard’

2. Scroll down to ‘Add New Listing’


3. Give your service a name.
Eg., Wagney’s Dog Walking, Wagney’s Pet Sitting

4. Tell the pet owners about your pet care experience in the ‘Description’ box. We recommend letting them know your years of experience caring for pets, how do you usually spend time with them etc.

5. Fill up the rest of the information and don’t forget to upload images that would best describe your listed service. Pet owners would love to see your photos with your pets. If you’re a pet sitter, you may upload photos of your backyard or parts of your house for them to visualise where their pets will stay.

Wagney is not a direct employer of any pet sitter or walker.  As a pet sitter in Wagney, you have to make sure that you are in compliance with all the relevant laws in the country. Please be in touch with the relevant authorities to be clear on the rules and regulations before you board dogs in your home for daycare or overnight stays. You are responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits. 

It is advisable to have either a Personal Additional Work Permit (Group A)  or a registered s.p / d.o.o. 

We will be sad to see you leave, but if you decide to deactivate your Wagney account, please send us your request at [email protected]. We will inform you via email once your request has been processed.


You may set your own fees according to your skills and qualifications. It’s also good to do a research on what other pet service providers are charging for the same service in your area, then decide on the price that you feel comfortable with. 

Yes you can! You are free to decide which size and breed of a pet you’re comfortable with.

If you wish to offer services other than the standard ones we’ve indicated, you may do so by filling out details in the ‘SETUP EXTRA SERVICES’ under Add New Listing section. 


You may confirm bookings by clicking on the ‘CONFIRM’ button in the Reservations section. We encourage sitters to promptly accept each booking (within 24 hours) as the owner is waiting for your immediate reply.

You may also contact the pet owner through our messaging system if you need more information before accepting the reservation.


If you received a request for booking that you cannot accommodate, you may simply click ‘DECLINE’ in the messaging thread. It’s a good practise to send the pet owner a short message explaining why you’re unable to accept the booking.

Pet sitters and dog walkers may cancel a reservation by following these steps:

1. Click ‘RESERVATIONS’ and click ‘CONFIRM’

2. Click ‘DECLINE’


3. Tell the pet owner why you’re declining the reservation.


The reservation has been cancelled. 

1. If a pet owner cancels a booking after it has been paid for, but before the booking starts: 

We understand that sometimes bookings need to be cancelled. Please inform your pet sitter ahead of time and mention the reason for the cancellation or change as well as the reference number of the booking. You may see your reference number here.

Kindly keep in mind that your refund depends on the cancellation policy of your pet sitter. Wagney pet sitters can choose their cancellation policy among the following options:

  • Flexible cancellation policy:  a full refund will only be available if the booking is cancelled before 12pm, 1 day before the pet services start;
  • Moderate cancellation policy: a full refund will only be available if the booking is cancelled before 12pm, 3 days before the pet services start;
  • Strict cancellation policy: a full refund will only be available if the booking is cancelled before 12pm, 7 days before the pet services start.

Please note: The booking fee is non-refundable when a booking is cancelled by the pet owner.

Make sure to check your sitter’s’s cancellation policy before you book.

2. If a pet sitter cancels a booking after it has been paid for: 

If a pet sitter cancel’s a paid booking, the sitter is required to immediately inform both the pet owner and Wagney about the cancellation. Wagney will refund the full amount paid to the owner, and we will aim to assist the pet owner find a replacement pet sitter. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the cancellation we may flag the pet sitter’s profile. If three paid bookings are cancelled within one month, Wagney may suspend or remove the pet sitter’s profile. 

3. Once a booking has been completed, can the owner get a refund?: 

If a pet owner is extremely unhappy with the service that was provided by the pet sitter or dog walker they booked, or if an incident occurs during a booking, the pet owner is able to enjoy Wagney’s Money Back Guarantee. In order to be eligible, pet owners should have:

  • done a meet-and-greet with the sitter prior to the booking,
  • booked and paid via Wagney and
  • left a poor review for the sitter
  • reported and submitted the claim within 48 hours after the booking. 

Wagney will perform an internal investigation and the refund amount will be decided at Wagney’s discretion. This amount will be refunded within 7 business days.

As of now, pet owners may cancel or re-schedule a booking by informing the pet sitter / dog walker via the messaging system. You may then cancel or update your calendar based on the new date agreed upon. Refunds will be processed based on your cancellation policy.

If you received a request for booking that you cannot accommodate, you may simply click ‘DECLINE’ in the messaging thread. It’s a good practise to send the pet owner a short message explaining why you’re unable to accept the booking.


If the booking has already been paid & confirmed, please inform the owner and Wagney immediately (ideally 7 days before the confirmed date). Cancellations are unfortunate and bring disappointment to everyone in the community. However, we do understand that there are unforeseen situations that may arise and sitters may need to cancel the booking, we are here to assist both you and the pet owner.

Sitters who need to cancel a confirmed booking can send us an email at [email protected] with the following information:

  1. Booking reference number
  2. Reason for cancellation

We highly encourage all sitters to only accept bookings on confirmed dates you’re available and pets you’re comfortable with to avoid cancellations. Repeated last-minute cancellations may result in account suspension or termination. We have these policies in place to ensure we only have the best quality pet care providers and continue to build a strong and reliable community.

In order for sitters and pet owners to benefit from the Money Back Guarantee, discount codes, incentives and other perks, all bookings and payments must be made through Wagney. If an owner offers to pay you in cash, remind them that the booking will not be covered and our team won’t be able to help out if something goes wrong. Kindly note that accepting cash payments is a direct violation of our Terms and Conditions and will result in immediate removal from Wagney.


Before the booking begins:

We strongly recommend obtaining details regarding the pet/s from their owner. You may refer to these questionnaires our team has prepared, ask the owner to fill it up during Meet and Greet and be familiar with the information provided prior to the start of the pet service.

During the emergency:

If the guest pet in your care runs away;

  • Inform the pet owner what happened, have a good communication with them throughout the search process.
  • Contact relevant authorities such as local kennels, local vets to help find the pet. It’s a good idea to drive around the area, nearby parks, speak to neighbours, distribute flyers, post on local social media groups and pages.
  • Inform Wagney by email ([email protected]) with the Subject ‘EMERGENCY’ and provide us with all the details about how the pet ran away.

In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency related to pets,

  • Contact the pet owner and keep them informed at all times.
  • Obtain permission from the pet owner with regard to actions to be taken.
  • Take the pet to the local vet, or the vet clinic that the pet owner prefers
  • Inform Wagney via email ([email protected]) with the subject ‘EMERGENCY’ and explain what happened, what steps have been undertaken and whether the pet is fine or in critical condition.

After the emergency

  • Please keep Wagney team and the guest pet owner informed of any developments in the situation.


Pet sitters / walkers get paid within 5 business days (depending on your bank) after the booking is completed in a satisfactory way. You can check the payment status on your dashboard at any time.

Eg., You charge €20 for pet sitting. You will be able to withdraw €18 from your account.

1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’

2. Click ‘WALLET’

3. Click ‘REQUEST A PAYOUT’ to retrieve your money

We will transfer the amount for each booking minus the 15% service fee onto your PayPal or bank account.

Eg., You charge €25 for pet sitting. You will receive €21.25 in your PayPal account

We thank you for supporting animals who need loving homes. You may choose to donate part or your full earnings to Wagney’s partner shelter – 

Your valuable donation will help 

When you create a sitter or walker account, you’ll need to add a payment method to withdraw your earnings. You can choose PayPal or wire transfer. 

  • Click ‘WALLET’ from your dashboard.
  • Select ‘SETUP’, fill out your details  and your chosen payout method.


A furry friend is coming to stay! The next few days are going to be pawsome! But it’s important to make sure you have properly prepared for the responsibility of a guest pet.

Here are a few notes to consider before the pet arrives:

  • Meet and Greet before the booking commences. Get to know the pet and set expectations with the pet owner before the booking commences. You may download this form and discuss it together.
  • Make sure you’re familiar with any laws regarding dog boarding or daycare in your area.
  • Remind the pet owner to arrange for their pet’s food, favourite treats and toys. While the pet is adjusting, it might cause anxiety to them, so it’s better to bring extra.

How to prepare your home:

  • Ensure there is adequate space, shelter, and security for the pet’s needs.
  • Check around to make sure there is nothing potentially dangerous left lying around (such as anything a pet could swallow, break or anything that is poisonous) and that any holes or escape opportunities through fences or gates are repaired or made escape-proof.
  • Walls and fences should be high enough or have appropriate protection so that pets can’t escape over or under them
  • Make sure you have plenty of fresh water at all times

Finally, to keep things manageable, Wagney recommends boarding only one dog at a time, unless you know guest pets coming to stay know each other and are friends. Enjoy and treat the pet as your own!